#JeSuisCharlie solidarity marches “hard to watch” says idiot Bishop

A NORTH Wales bishop has come under criticism for describing French magazine Charlie Hebdo as “gratuitously offensive”, a month on from the terror attacks in Paris that killed 17 people.

The Rt Rev Dr Gregory Cameron said he found it difficult to watch the huge protests which followed the terrorist attacks last month and the “Je Suis Charlie” signs of solidarity.

His comments have been slammed by a journalist from Bangor who covered the dramatic siege which brought the attacks to an end, who questioned why the Bishop should have found the show of solidarity in the aftermath so hard to stomach.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    It looks like an absence of intellect is a requirement to be promoted to bishop in Britain.

    • David Murrell

      More like a total absence of moral values. There are intellectuals around — too many of them actually — who lack moral scruples of any kind. Think of all the intellectuals who supported Communism, or the intellectuals of today who support Islamic jihaddism,

  • john s

    He found it hard to stomach because deep down he was glad they attacked Hebdo. If Christian clerics were allowed to call for violent suppression of blasphemy they would. They are restrained by the central theme of Christianity, which is peace. That’s where christians differ from muslims. Islam is all for peace except when it isn’t.

  • I found it hard to watch the Anglican church’s 40 year decline into incoherence and ineptitude hard to watch.

  • bob e

    bet-ya’ this tosser could not even make a good fruit cake ..

  • BillyHW

    Remember when our bishops and priests were heterosexual? Those were the days.

  • simus1

    Some mother’s do ‘ave ’em.

  • Brett_McS

    They hardly need bother anointing female Bishops, do they.

  • David Murrell

    This “Rt Rev Dr” — a Gregory Cameron — is essentially stating that he agrees with the motives of the Islamic killers of innocent people in Paris. Well, so much for his moral values.

    Btw the Bible teaches us NOT to use fancy titles before our names. So much for this person’s belief in the Bible.

  • CaliforniaIsADream

    Wonder how he’ll feel when Jihadi John comes for him with his dull beheading knife. Stand up now and defend Western Civilization or lose your life.

  • Ted Seay

    “…freedom of speech and freedom of expression should not give anyone the right to be grossly offensive and abusive to another group of people or religion. That should not happen in the name of free speech.”

    He must have been busy getting pack-buggered the day they defined free speech at whichever end of Oxbridge he attended…

  • aelfheld

    There’s a reason the Anglican church is sliding into irrelevancy.