Gallic Watch: Politician’s empty words

The carbeque: introduced by multicularism, and never spoken of

François-Xavier Bellamy, a philosopher-teacher, who is also adjunct mayor of Versailles, not affiliated with a political party, says the French right, meaning the UMP, has to learn to acknowledge the real problems facing France. He then offers this analysis of the empty rhetoric that bloats French political discourse:

What is France? The left responds to that question with a void, the emptiness of those “values of the Republic” about which no one knows where they come from, what they are founded on, or who has the right to establish an exhaustive list in order to “form” the citizens of the future. A freedom of expression empty of all significance, that reveals every day its obvious inconsistencies. A superstitious laïcité, closer in nature to magic than to a reasonable principle for living.

The French are clinging to the abstraction “republican values” as to a life raft. It reminds me of the term “American Dream”… As multiculturalism replaced “E pluribus unum” the dream faded into mind-numbing mediocrity at best, a nightmare at worst. But we cling to the ideal that protects us, as an amulet, from reality…