Three quarters of Somali children in Norway poor – must be society’s fault

Three quarters of children of Somali origin in Norway now live in poverty, according to new figures from Statistics Norway, and numbers are on the rise.

Children from Somalia have been over-represented in the poverty statistics for years, but the proportion of children living in families with persistently low income has risen during the last year, Norwegian state broadcaster NRK has reported.

Other immigrant groups are also struggling, with more than half of poor children in Norway now living in immigrant households. Afghani and Iraqi groups also have high levels of poverty, yet none rival the Somalis.

”These kids would benefit from taking part in leisure activities from an integration perspective,” Karin Gustavsen, a reseacher at Barn og unges samfunnslaboratorium, told NRK. “When children live in poverty, the obstacles to arenas that contribute to inclusion and integration are even greater. I fear this could lead to exclusion. It erodes the sense of community and solidarity”…

It never even occurs to leftists that they might be poor for reasons beyond society’s control. I also suspect that it does not erode a sense of community — if you include gangs and other tribal practices like cousin marriage as “community.”