Syrian Observatory for Human Rights Facebook page ‘hacked’

BEIRUT: The Facebook page of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights was hacked on Thursday by a pro-regime group which accused the Observatory’s head of collaborating with British intelligence.

The Syrian Electronic Army took credit for hacking the page, some of whose items were either unavailable or were replaced with a short statement condemning the work of Rami Abdel-Rahman, the head of the Britain-based monitor.

“To Rami Abdel-Rahman, the stepson of British intelligence,” the statement said. “Stop lying and remember that the Syrian people will never forget your support for the Free Israel Army and the mercenaries of Zahran Alloush,” it continued, using a sarcastic name for the rebel Free Syrian Army and referring to the head of the Islam Army, a rebel militia active in the suburbs of Damascus.

Despite the criticism, the Observatory’s work has periodically been condemned by pro-opposition figures who claim that Abdel-Rahman is in fact in league with the regime.

This sounds very much like an inside job. Did they really hack Facebook? I find it hard to believe: I understand ‘hacking’ to mean writing actual code and studying the site’s weak security points.  Much easier to find an insider to carry out the ‘hack’.