Rabble: We are All Canadians: Toronto and York’s Labour Council calls for solidarity over fear

Responding to what they perceive to be a rising tide of Islamaphobia in Canada, the Toronto and York Region Labour Council has adopted a statement of solidarity, calling on workers to recognize their commonalities as opposed to their differences.

“It started after the Charlie Hebdo tragedy and the incredible mixed reaction to that,” said President of the Toronto York Region Labour Council John Cartwright. “Muslim and Arab residents of France, whether born there or immigrants, are clearly suffering incredible prejudice and backlash. And of course we’ve seen the debate in Quebec not that much earlier about the Charter of Values and our own activists of colour were just horrified that that would be moving forward.”

“As we looked at the backlash that was building in Europe in particular we thought we should speak out sooner than later to challenge the existing prejudices,” said Cartwright, who also added that “people are horrified by the brutality of ISIS and that is very fertile ground for Harper to roll out his anti-terror agenda. We can’t overlook how appalled most Canadians are by that cruelty and barbarity”…