Obama condemns ‘outrageous’ murders of Muslim students; CAIR now happy

A candlelight vigil for the victims.

US President Barack Obama on Friday condemned the “brutal and outrageous” execution-style murders of three Muslim students in North Carolina at the hands of a neighbor who espoused anti-religious views.

“No one in the United States of America should ever be targeted because of who they are, what they look like, or how they worship,” Obama said in a statement.

The president has faced criticism for not responding quickly enough to the deaths of the three students — Deah Shaddy Barakat, 23; his new wife Yusor Abu-Salha, 21; and her 19-year-old sister Razan Abu-Salha.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation has opened an inquiry into the shootings, allegedly carried out by Craig Stephen Hicks, 46, who railed against all religions on his Facebook page…

So the president should be issuing statements on all murders in the US? Or what? Check your Muslim privilege. It seems some victims are more valuable than others. If the victims had been white Christians, the story would not have gone past the local news.

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