More pro-mass immigration sentiments from Christians – Catholics this time

Jesuit Refugee Service calls on the EU to tackle migrants’ deaths

About 330 people have drowned as their rubber dinghies sank in the Mediterranean between Libya and Lampedusa, Italy. This latest tragedy is a twofold demonstration of the failure of European border policy. Not only have European states not taken the necessary measures to save lives in the Mediterranean, they have established a series of ‘legal’ obstacles for those fleeing intensifying conflicts in the Middle East and North Africa…

…In response to the latest tragedy, JRS Italy director Fr Camillo Ripamonti stated, “Once again, we are stunned with horror. We will not and cannot accept that the Mediterranean continues to be a migrant graveyard. It crucial that the EU and its member states swiftly act to ensure the safety of refugees.”

“Where has our solidarity gone?” asks JRS Europe director Fr Jean-Marie Carrière. “These are European borders and all member states should help face the humanitarian crisis in the Mediterranean with all possible means. Italy demonstrated that it is possible to save lives. Imagine what could be achieved if all 28 EU member states really worked together for refugees. We must open safe and legal channels for protection seekers as well as boost search and rescue capacity.”

U.S. Bishop: immigration reform not harsh enforcement bills

WASHINGTON—Bishop Gerald Kicanas of Tucson, Arizona, testified on behalf of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) Committee on Migration before the House Judiciary Subcommittee on Immigration and Border Security, February 11, in opposition to three enforcement-only bills. Collectively, the bills would harm immigrant and refugee children; criminalize undocumented persons and those who provide them with basic needs assistance, including religious and church workers; and permit states and localities to create and enforce their own immigration laws.

In his statement before the subcommittee, Bishop Kicanas said the three bills “would take our nation in the wrong direction,” and fail to fix our nation’s immigration system. Instead, he urged the subcommittee to pass comprehensive immigration reform legislation, including a path to citizenship for the undocumented.

“Mr. Chairman, we believe these bills would not fix our immigration system,” Bishop Kicanas said. “Rather, they would make it less just and would undermine our nation’s moral authority, both domestically and globally.”

And I won’t even quote from this: Pope calls for solidarity with migrants after deadly sea crossing

Note: I am not picking on Catholics. I realize that this problem exists amongst Protestants too. But the Catholics are more centrally organized and so their statements make the news more.

Christianity should not be a suicide pact. And it wan’t in earlier years: Christians fought back when Muslims invaded Europe. But the steady arrival of immigrants – especially those without any screening at all — is a slow motion invasion.