Luxembourg in the news: Wants to help Turkey in EU bid, Wartime bosses ‘willingly helped Nazis find Jews’

Old City of Luxembourg at night. Wikimedia Commons.

Luxembourg wants to ‘solve Turkey visa issue’: Luxembourg supports Turkey’s bid for EU membership and wants to see citizens’ visa issues resolved during its 2015 presidency of the 28-country bloc.

Speaking in Istanbul on Thursday, Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Economy Etienne Schneider said the visa exemption issue would be one of his country’s priorities during its presidency term.

Schneider added: “We want to the solve visa problems of Turkey. We don’t understand why some countries are blocking this”…

Luxembourg wartime bosses ‘willingly helped Nazis find Jews’: Luxembourg’s wartime bosses willingly cooperated with German Nazis in the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust, a government-commissioned study determined.

The report by a panel of historians led by Vincent Artuso of the University of Luxembourg was published on Tuesday, two years after it was commissioned by Jean-Claude Juncker, a former prime minister of the small, landlocked country situated on Belgium’s border with France and Germany.

“The Luxembourg administrations under occupation were not forced to participate in Nazi anti-Semitic persecution under threat,” the 190-page report said…