ISIS Defends Burning Jordanian Pilot Alive, Says Prophet Mohammed Would Have Done Same Thing

ISIS, the terror group known for issuing horrific videos of its members committing atrocities and sickening war crimes against defenseless prisoners, defended itself against the widespread anger that resulted from its latest video, in which a captured Jordanian pilot was shown being burned alive by ISIS executioners — then buried under a pile of rubble by a bulldozer…

…Perhaps in response to what may have been an unexpectedly strong condemnation from other Muslims, ISIS used the latest issue of its propaganda magazine Dabiq to defend the burning of a living human being.

“In burning the crusader pilot alive and burying him under a pile of debris, the Islamic State carried out a just form of retaliation for his involvement in the crusader bombing campaign which continues to result in the killing of countless Muslims who, as a result of these airstrikes, are burned alive and buried under mountains of debris,” an article in Issue 7 of Dabiq stated.

The article went on to attempt to justify the burning of al-Kasabeh in religious terms, saying that the ISIS killers “followed the footsteps of Allah’s Messenger … in his harshness towards the disbelievers”…

So now a Muslim from Jordan is being called a ‘Crusader’? The left will pay no attention to this, saying that Islamic State has ‘hijacked’ the Religion of Peace™.

You can read Dabiq Issue 7 here. Warning: the pictures are hideous.

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h/t Midnight Watcher