France: Niqab’d Muslima under arrest refuses to speak to male police officers

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Marseilles: A young woman of 27 years was arrested yesterday afternoon, around 15 h 30, the market Noailles (1) in Marseilles, while wearing a black niqab. Only her eyes were actually visible says one source close to the investigation.

She refused to disclose despite the express request of the police who were involved in this case five îlotiers, two reservists. She began to insult the police said: “For us, we do not speak to men emmerdez Not me.”

She was then joined by a friend who was with her ​​8 year old son. Speaking to her girlfriend, the second woman stigmatized in turn the role of officers: “You do not have to talk to those dirty dogs!” A crowd is immediately formed around the two young women. The police had to call backup, whilst they also received the backing of the Anti-Crime Brigade (Bac).

During the journey that led them to the police station Noailles, insults continue to rain. The two women were taken into custody for “outrage and rebellion.” They must, since to explain the reasons for their behavior.