Sudanese Government Denies Mass Military Rape in Darfur

A woman rides a donkey past a convoy of government troops in Tabit village in the North Darfur region of Sudan, Nov, 2014. Abd Raouf—AP

A Human Rights Watch investigation released at the United Nations on Wednesday reports that Sudanese army troops raped at least 221 women and girls during a 36-hour attack on the Darfur town of Tabit that began on Oct. 30.

The report documents 27 first-hand reports of rape, 194 other credible accounts of rape and even confessions of two soldiers who had participated in the attacks that superior officers ordered them to “rape women.” Sudanese authorities then launched a cover-up, Human Rights Watch details, which included detaining and torturing Tabit residents for telling the truth about what happened.

Sudan Foreign Minister Ali Ahmed Karti categorically denied reports of a mass military rape in Tabit during an interview with TIME on Feb. 4, when he was in Washington as a guest of the National Prayer Breakfast.

TIME asked him about reports that his government’s armed forces are primarily targeting civilians and not combatants. Any claims of rape in Tabit, he claimed, are lies invented to keep people in refugee camps, where NGOs can make money. Tabit has been rebuilt, he said, with modern schools, health care and police centers…

Someone from Sudan — a notorious hell hole — was at a National Prayer Breakfast? Obama really chooses poorly.  Note: The people of Darfur are ethnic black Africans and they are all Muslims.  

There had been a long war going on with Christians in the south, but they split off and formed South Sudan.  There are very few Christians left in Sudan.  

However, the Muslims of Darfur were not safe either.  The Arab government has been attacking them for years.

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