Socialist Worker (UK): ‘New anti-terror bill makes Muslims the enemy within’

unnamed-3The prevent Strategy will be used to police Muslims in schools who are against imperialism

If the government’s new counter-terrorism bill is passed workers in councils, schools, universities, prisons and the NHS will be legally required to act as spies.

They must report peoplesuspected of “radicalisation”.

This is the Prevent Strategy —that the government has used for years against Muslims—which is now being written in to law.

Even nursery teachers and child minders will be expected to report the children they look after.

Where the government feels the new rules haven’t been enforced strongly enough, the home secretary will have the right to take over and give “direction”.

In practice it has been largely an attempt to push Muslims out of political activity. But it is an attack on civil liberties for everyone.

Workers need to organise to stop Muslims being picked off and driven out of politics…

While agreeing that the trend in politics in the UK (and elsewhere) is disturbing in many ways, I notice that the Socialist Worker (“We’re proud of our long record of supporting the workers’ movement in Britain, from its high point in the early 1970s, through the tremendous battles fought against Margaret Thatcher’s government in the 1980s, right up to today’s strikes against austerity and David Cameron’s coalition.”) seems obsessed with Muslims and “Islamophobia.” They are also strongly anti-Israel (note the choice of photo).

The radical left is crazy if they think that Islam has any long term interest in them. Read the history of the Iranian revolution: Khomeini cynically used the far left (the Tudeh Party) to help stamp out the supporters of the old regime and once he was safely in power, he turned on them. They ended up being persecuted, jailed and executed just as old regime supporters had been.