Obama Offers Iran Sudetenland – satire

The Nazis arrive to a warm welcome in the Sudetenland, 1938.

“Chamberlain was able to achieve what he called ‘peace in our time’ by offering Germany the Sudetenland region in exchange for a declared end to further territorial ambitions in Europe. There’s no reason it can’t work again, this time with Iran, to much the same result.”

Tehran, February 11 – Iranian officials have yet to respond to the latest American proposal in talks over the Islamic Republic’s controversial nuclear program, a proposal that offers the central European territory of Sudetenland in exchange for guarantees that Iran will pursue no further development of atomic weapons.

US President Barack Obama made the offer earlier this week amid rising concerns that no deal would be reached by March, when legally mandated sanctions on Iran intensify in the absence of an agreement. Obama faces conflicting pressures from his own drive to allow Iran to establish regional hegemony and thus, he hopes, to help stabilize the Middle East, and conservative opposition from Republicans and allies of other Middle Eastern states convinced that Iran’s ambitions have little to do with Western notions of stability. The offer places Obama in a precarious diplomatic position, as the Sudetenland is part of a third sovereign country, but the Nobel Peace Prize laureate believes it necessary to secure a settlement with Iran…