Dutch researcher: Geert Wilders is right

PVV (Freedom Party) leader Geert Wilders has warned since many years of the threat of Islamic terrorism. And while terrorists have murdered while holding the Quran in their hands, all progressive-liberal parties insist that none of this has anything to do with Islam. Not a single Dutch party-leader or opinion maker wants to admit that Wilders is right. There are five reasons for that.

From an ideological point of view, it makes sense that progressive-liberal parties choose to see the PVV as a bigger threat than radical Islam. PvdA (social democrats), D66 (social liberals) and SP (socialists) all believe in a succesful, multicultural society and find it hard to abandon this belief.

Every ideology consists of a coherent set of ideas. Admitting that Wilders is right means admitting that Dutch society is less successful than they want to believe. Giving in to Wilders immediately begs the question why at all do we need such a large, meddlesome government that thinks it knows better than it’s own citizens in almost every matter?

And why keep praising multiculturalism now that it has to face it’s limitations? It is much easier to deny and twist the facts, and to portray Wilders and his electorate as stupid and dangerous…