Dresden: €105,500 ($120,400 US) for anti-Pegida Demo

Now it’s out — the state pays six-figure sums for anti-Pegida demos!

This is the response of Dresden Mayor Helma Orosz to a written request from the AfD Group concerning the cost of the rally “For Dresden, Saxony — Openness to the world, humanity and dialogue together” on January 10, 2015.

With Roland Kaiser as a “guest star” of the Free State of Saxony, the total came to €105,496.68.

The City of Dresden contributed €30,000, paid from the budget of the Mayor.

Gordon Engler, culture and youth affairs spokesman of the AfD Group in the City Council sharply criticized the financing of the event: “It’s amazing how quickly so much tax money for a single symbolic event was spent… mainly to cover up the symptoms of their own failed policies. Not only has state neutrality has been violated, but [the authorities] have unabashedly helped themselves to public funds.”

(Note: edited Google Translate).

We have seen this pattern repeatedly, everywhere in the West.  Just look at how the UK government went after EDL, for just one example.