BBC ‘bias’ hinders immigration crackdown, says report

MigrationWatch UK says the BBC’s ‘strong bias’ in favour of immigration has limited the Government’s options in strengthening Britain’s borders, along with other bias in the civil service

The BBC’s bias in favour of immigration has been a key block on the Government’s ability to tighten control on Britain’s borders, a report has claimed.

MigrationWatch UK, which campaigns for tougher migration rules, said the Corporation was guilty of a “strong bias” and even a reluctance to address issues raised by immigration.

A report also warned there was pro-immigration in parts of the Civil Service including the Treasury, “irrespective of the impact of immigration on population growth and on the lower paid”.

The study, which analysed the Conservatives’ performance in the area since 2010, said the Government was spending just 0.25 per cent of its total budget on immigration control this year.


Sub CBC for BBC…ditto for our own bureaucrat rulers in Ottawa