RCMP probe into Islamist financing didn’t end with IRFAN: source

MONTREAL – The RCMP continues to investigate Islamist terrorist financing in Canada 10 months after it raided IRFAN-Canada for allegedly funnelling money to Hamas, QMI Agency has learned.

A source told QMI that as recently as September, Mounties were investigating other Canadian-based Muslim groups for links to terrorism.

“It is still active,” the source said of the RCMP’s probe.

No charges have been laid in Project Sapphire, which involved wiretaps, two months of surveillance in the Toronto area and in Montreal.

Police raided IRFAN locations in Mississauga, Ont., and Montreal last April 28 and Ottawa declared the group to be a terrorist organization the following day.

The RCMP’s 113-page search warrant, obtained by QMI, says IRFAN funnelled $14.6 million to Hamas.