Photos Capture Shape-Shifting Jews In Action, Framing Muslims – satire

Absent specific evidence, the theories regarding how the Jews pulled it off have been as diverse as thought in the Islamist world is not

unnamed-2This photo…represents the first of its kind: the moment when the incantation has begun to wear off and the Jew is visible

Cairo, February 10 – A series of rare images of Jews in the process of transforming into or back from Muslim-looking people through various forms of black magic has emerged, adding important details to the mysterious phenomenon of Jews using shape-shifting powers to perform heinous acts while making it look like Muslims have perpetrated them.

While many in the region and beyond already accept the established fact of Israel engineering the recent attacks in France, including yesterday’s shooting attempt in Marseilles, little information exists as to how the Zionists and their international Jewish cohorts actually executed the operation…

But the new photographs capture the moments in which the Jewish black magic itself was performed, shedding light on the most compelling explanation for crimes that shame Muslims and Islam…