Man accused of B.C. legislature terror plot quoted bin Laden, planned rocket attack

In this artist’s sketch, John Nuttall (left) and Amanda Korody appear in court in Vancouver on Feb. 2, 2015. They were arrested in July 2013 and charged with four counts, including conspiring to commit murder and conspiring to place explosives on behalf of a terrorist group.

VANCOUVER — A man accused of plotting to bomb the British Columbia legislature on Canada Day with his wife lamented that the death toll from the Boston Marathon bombings wasn’t high enough and instead said he wanted a body count on par with 9/11, his trial heard Tuesday.

John Nuttall and his common-law spouse, Amanda Korody, were ensnared by an RCMP undercover sting between March and July 2013, which saw an officer befriend the couple as the planned attack came together. They are charged with four terrorism-related offences.

Many of the couple’s interactions with undercover officers and each other were caught on video, including a conversation between Nuttall and the officer that was recorded in June of that year.

In the video, the officer is seen driving around with Nuttall — who is wearing a leather jacket and sleeveless shirt with long hair and a shaggy beard.

Nuttall references the Boston Marathon attack, when two brothers used pressure-cooker bombs to kill and maim runners and spectators near the finish line. Nuttall shows the officer a schematic for the same type of bomb, which he found in the al-Qaida-affilated online magazine Inspire…