ISIS release new video’s featuring executions by Shotgun, Pistol and Old School Beheading

Islamic State terrorists have released a horrific new video showing the execution of a prisoner killed with a pump-action shotgun.

This latest graphic and shocking footage has all the militants’ trademark slick production effects and features a light-skinned executioner dressed in similar costume to the now infamous ‘Jihadi John’.

The prisoner, believed to be a Syrian soldier captured by ISIS, is forced to wear the same kind of orange jumpsuit worn by Western hostages before they are savagely beheaded by the terror group.

The killer is seen ranting in Arabic behind the doomed prisoner before the HD footage is edited into slow-motion and the militant is seen catching the shotgun, thrown to him by somebody off camera.

They have also released several other execution videos which can be viewed at the links below.

I suspect Google translate has messed with the title, ISIS Eats Venereal Disease, it features a pistol execution.

ISIS Pistol Execution

This one is entitled ISIS Buttboys on Parade, ends with an Old School Beheading

ISIS Beheading