Gallia Watch: War zone in Marseille

Photo found by searching for “gangs à Marseille.” This one is dated March, 2013: Guerre des gangs à Marseille : « les minots se charclent pour survivre », machine translate only picks up the first part, War of the gangs in Marseille.

Gallia Watch has translated a report from Le Figaro. Brief excerpt:

The head of public safety, Pierre-Marie Bourniquel was caught in the gunfire of AK47’s. Unprecedented.

Around 9:30 a.m. on Monday, worried parents saw young persons, armed and wearing hoods, move into the neighborhood. “Usually the dealers don’t start that early,” said one witness ironically…

…The residents complained bitterly about the deteriorating situation in la Castellane…For now, la Castellane is cut off. The riot police will remain deployed in the area for several days. Two helicopters fly overhead.

The blogger notes that the comments are angry about the government’s “utopian” plans about “living together,”
presumably a reference to the great experiment with multiculturalism.

Read at all it here.

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