Are We Living In A Multiverse? – Hell Yeah We Are, and Here is Proof!


Now I know you are thinking that old D.B. is pulling your leg because he’s all liquored up again, but this time you would be wrong! No, I have been using my “psychic” third eye and Bing (OK, mostly Bing) and I have found two instances for you tonight.

One, is irrefutable PROOF that the U.S. government is running a time travel program (DARPA’s top secret government operation Project Pegasus from way back in the 1970s – so God knows what they are up to now), and the other is also irrefutable proof that there are parallel dimensions and that a certain  “James Richards” (not his real name – so if you have a neighbor that also goes by “James Richards” don’t bug him) has brought back proof that in this parallel dimension the Beatles are still a band and they are even touring!

Apparently in the parallel universe, that is just like here, but different, they have control of the inter-dimensional surfing process, but the CD-ROM and MP3 player was never invented and so they still all use cassette tapes that look like they came from OUR 1960’s. Sounds legit!

The owner of the tape, and the first interdimensional traveler to come back with proof, has his story here but it all boring and stupid so I’ll just leave you the link.

Now for the proof!


There ya go! A completely authentic bootleg Beatles tape for an album they never made in THIS dimension. See! I told you I had the goods!

OK, so you are probably saying that this is less than an ironclad level of proof, and if all I had was a picture of an old cassette tape, then I’d say you might be right, but I have secured for you the actual music ON THE TAPE and it sounds like the Beatles to me, but listen to it and see for yourselves.

You can thank me now!