US blacklists German rapper in Islamic State videos

German former rapper Denis Cuspert who joined the Islamic State group. (screen capture: YouTube/BeingMomeen)

WASHINGTON — The United States added German former rapper Denis Cuspert to its list of “terrorists” over his role as a fighter with the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq, the State Department said Monday.

The 39-year-old, who used to rap in Berlin and now goes by the name Abu Talha al-Almani, is one of the most famous Western fighters for IS. He is already listed as an Al-Qaeda supporter by the United Nations.

The US listing as a “global terrorist” freezes all of Cuspert’s assets under US control and prohibits transactions with him.

Cuspert joined IS in 2012 and has appeared in numerous videos from the group, including one in November “in which he appears holding a severed head he claims belongs to a man executed for opposing ISIL (IS),” the State Department said…

No idea why The Times of Israel has scare quotes around the word terrorist. Must have copied the news wire without changing it. More details here.