U.K. inquest offers new look at radicalized Canadian hostage taker

As Canada grappled with watching one of its own turn on fellow citizens in the nation’s capital last fall, the phrase “Canadian terrorist” was already a familiar one an ocean away, at the Royal Courts of Justice in London, England.

One of the young men frequently mentioned at the inquest underway here was also born and raised in Canada, had converted to a radical version of Islam, and had somehow learned his way around guns and many other far more lethal weapons.

Xris Katsiroubas, from London, Ont., was also, like the Ottawa gunman, ultimately killed in the course of his twisted mission.

But in a sombre London courtroom, a coroner’s inquest into the violent murder of six British men and one U.K. resident in an Algerian desert hostage-taking two years ago, his horrific legacy was being methodically reconstructed.