The Blind Leading The Blind – RCMP counter-terrorism outreach efforts are ‘piecemeal and disjointed’: U.K. report

RCMP counter-terrorism outreach efforts are ‘piecemeal and disjointed’: U.K. report

Knowing that it can’t fight terrorism alone, the RCMP has reached out to Canada’s diverse communities — participated in Muslim youth forums, attended cultural events and dinners, even held yoga classes for women of different cultural backgrounds.

But is any of this feel-good community outreach working?

A report released Tuesday at a public safety conference in Ottawa suggests while the Mounties have made inroads, its outreach initiatives are “piecemeal and disjointed” and suffer from a “lack of a clear overall strategy.”


The RCMP are a joke when it comes to “Outreach”, remember, they just had to renounce the “anti-radicalization” handbook they co-authored – with Muslim radicals.

And that’s just one example. I’ll dig up some more later.

Nothing against GB and all but do read the following article on their own ludicrous outreach efforts.

If half of it is true they are in no place to lecture the RCMP.

Paris attacks: Why this could happen in Britain – Britain’s measures to combat the sort of radicalisation that led to the mass murders in Paris are in poor shape

Last Tuesday, little more than 12 hours before the atrocities in Paris, there was a meeting at the House of Commons – hosted by a Labour MP, Yasmin Qureshi – at which Britain’s leading Islamists called for the country’s counter-terrorism policy, Prevent, to be scrapped. Among the attendees was Azad Ali, who has called for British troops to be killed, described al-Qaeda as a “myth,” and written of his “love” for Anwar al-Awlaki, the al-Qaeda cleric cited as a direct influence by one of the Paris murderers.