Skank Amateurs: Kathy Shaidle’s new Taki’s column


About the state of the porn industry:

I don’t pretend to understand the ins and outs of the porn industry; I leave that to vice beat specialist Susannah Breslin. But we all know the bare facts: whereas an unholy trinity of shameless, savvy guys once cornered the billion-dollar dirty picture market, today’s glut of amateur web porn lets you get the cow, the milk, and the whole dang farm for free. Soon, with their business model getting more stubbly and saggy every day, “legitimate” pornographers might have to come up with a more accurate expression for “the money shot.”

Business at premium BDSM site, for instance, was going gang-banging—I mean, “-busters”—right up until the minute it wasn’t. You paid your subscription and got submission, on demand (as it should be).

Only now they’re rebranding, and not with hot pokers…