Reuters: PEGIDA in Dresden is all about WW II

(Reuters) – Seventy years have passed since Allied bombing raids killed 25,000 people and laid to waste its Baroque churches and palaces but resentment still lingers in Dresden, providing fertile soil for far-right and anti-Muslim groups.

Every year on Feb. 13, neo-Nazis from all over Europe gather to commemorate what they call the ‘bombing holocaust’ unleashed on the German city less than three months before the end of World War Two.

This year some fear the emergence of PEGIDA, an anti-Islam group which warns of Germany being overrun by Muslims, will boost the traditional far-right rally and overshadow a ceremony with European dignitaries…

…[F]or Dresden it [the bombing] was a defining moment, said Matthias Rogg, director of Germany’s Military History Museum in the city.

“It’s the point from which everything is measured. It fed the myth that Dresden was the innocent victim of a pointless war and hid the fact that it was a center of Nazism and a significant hub for making armaments,” he told Reuters.

“And while the bombing of Dresden was dreadful, it’s crucial that without Sept. 1 1939, without Warsaw, Rotterdam, Coventry, London there wouldn’t have been Dresden,” said Rogg, recalling the date of the Nazi invasion of Poland and a string of foreign cities bombarded or blitzed by Hitler’s forces…

…Today, with a population of about half a million, the capital of the state of Saxony is held up as a rare East German success story. Chancellor Angela Merkel’s conservatives have ruled the state since reunification almost 25 years ago.

But a state election last year showed that almost 15 percent of voters favored right-leaning parties: the far-right National Democratic Party (NPD) and the new Alternative for Germany (AfD), which has homed in on anxiety about immigration…

Notice how the true neo-Nazi NPD and definitely not Nazi Alternative for Germany are lumped together.

Although there are some elements here that may be true, it sounds an awful like NYT’s attempt yesterday to suggest that Islam has been in America for hundreds for years.

The elite is fighting back with every weapon it can find in its attempt to whitewash Islam and the thus far unsuccessful attempt to assimilate Muslims in Europe.