Nicolai Sennels is kickstarting PEGIDA Denmark and there is a movement to get him fired

We have been exceedingly busy kickstarting Danish Pegida – “Together and peaceful. Evening strolls against fundamentalist Islam and the creeping Islamization of the West”.

I was in national TV, Radio and newspapers everyday for a couple of weeks. Politicians (Social Democrats…) demanded that I get fired, 11 of my collegues collected signatures to get me fired, a union leader demanded that I get fired.

But I still have my job – because luckily we have Free Speech in Denmark.

We had to fight the lies of the media, and we actually managed to get three disclaimers from media because the acknowledged they had lied.

And then it turned out that the union leader who wants me fired for undocumented claims that I am mixing my private political opinions with my work as a school psychologist sympathizes with Lenin, Ho Chi Minh, Hizbollah and Hizb-ut Tahrir.

And that he speaks at our counter demonstrations… My collegues smiles to me more than ever and the politicians demanding me getting fired has suddenly become very silent.

We had our 4th evening stroll this Monday. It is peaceful and many of the participants seem almost “high” from joining – there is simply a very good athmosphere. Elderly couples with bad knees and mothers with small kids in prams are joining us. I never gave a real speech before but with the help of friends I managed to say something meaningful in front of CNN, BBC, Al Jazeera and all major Danish media. On the photo above you can see me holding the megaphone for ex-Muslim Cherif El-Ayouty (great guy, looks a bit like an egyptian Clint Eastwood).

We started with around 250 participants, but it is decreasing and yesterday we were around 70. We will improve our PR. I am very happy and satisfied: We managed to stage the biggest anti-Islam demonstrations in Danish history, we activated main-stream Danes who walked through central Copenhagen with Islam-critical signs – and re-ignited the whole discussion on Free Speech.

There are so many friends whose names I can not mention here that are joining and doing a lot of work. A big thanks to them!!

The fight against Islam will not be over tomorrow, and if it continues as now we will lose. We have to go on and on and on. If we do not stand up and speak out, who will?

– Nicolai

This is not online at the moment (I checked his site and Jihad Watch, where he sometimes writes) but is from his newsletter. (You can sign up for it here).

Vlad Tepes covered the media side  here. (And we referenced his post here.)