UK: Muslims demand non-Muslim buried next to Muslim in “All Faiths Cemetery” be exhumed

“The grave was already being dug and bricked out when we had a call last Monday at 5.45pm from Julie Perrin at the parish council asking us if we could move plots.

“We said no – we bought the land and it was too late to find another plot.

“We have no issues with the Muslim family. I think they were under the impression it was a Muslim plot but it isn’t.

I guess the “multi-faith cemetery” thing didn’t tip them off that it wasn’t a Muslim graveyard. For the gazillionth time, can you imagine if a Christian or Jewish family demanded that the remains of a non-believer (in this case a Gypsy, which would normally be worth a few p.c. points) be removed from a plot in a non-denominational cemetery because they were getting dead infidel cooties on the faithful?