The Islamists Want You Dead and the American Left Could Hardly Care Less

As most of you are aware, the Islamic State burned a man alive in a cage the other day…

…The Islamic State is, you understand, experimenting now in new and creative ways of murder and brutality. This needs to be acknowledged. The Islamic State recognizes no limits on human cruelty and its cruelty is a form of theater.

I even read where one particular Islamic State supporter, an older woman, actually, suggested reviving certain ancient Turkish methods of torture and murder that are so revolting I cannot bring myself to even describe them.

It must be understood that they are doing so for a reason. Just as Pallywood whips up hatred for Jews and for Israel, so these Islamic State videos create an excited passion among certain young Muslims throughout the Middle East and Europe.

The point of all the blood and the murder and the head-chopping is to create enthusiasm among young Muslim men…

h/t Marvin