Rotherham is yet another massive failure by our social workers

Among the few people who come out well from the scarcely believable mass-child abuse scandal in Rotherham are Louise Casey, the author of last week’s chilling report, and Sarah Champion, the town’s Labour MP, who rightly described the report as revealing “a new horror on every page”.

Pretty much everyone else in this dismal saga couldn’t have come out worse, from the councillors “in denial” to the police.

What might have merited rather more coverage, however, was the terrifying part played by the social workers in Rotherham, who had been ignoring warnings from local “youth workers” since 2002.

Casey describes how these workers seemed interested only in abuse allegedly taking place within families in the town. They were not concerned by the far worse crimes perpetrated on 1,400 girls by gangs of outsiders.

But even Casey does not focus on how many of these girls were in council “care” (according to earlier reports as many as a third), making the council directly responsible for them.