Refugees and their integration drives wedge between Swedish liberals

Who can resist Islam when see these heart-warming photos, taken yesterday in the UK, of enraged Muslims whining over cartoons. Source.

UK-Muslims-protest-cartoons-smallWhat a fine example of integration! We need more like him.

Sweden should consider reducing the number of refugees it takes in to protect the welfare state, leading members of the opposition Liberal Party (Folkpartiet) say. But the idea has led to a row within the party.

The comments follow a week which has split the party and seen it drop to 4.5 percent in the polls, according to a survey by newspaper Expressen and Demoskop – its lowest since 2007 – sparking calls for the resignation of party leader Jan Björklund.

Former political adviser in the Liberal Party’s cabinet office Jenny Sonesson took a swing at the government as well as her own party in an interview with The Local on Monday. She said: “Established politicians have got their eyes closed. There is such a fear of talking about this issue. I am convinced that if the Sweden Democrats did not exist in the Swedish political landscape we would be seeing a different immigration policy.”

“We cannot handle the large migration streams we are seeing at the moment. We are already experiencing problems such as unemployment and lack of housing. You don’t have to be Einstein to realize that this is not working”…

A flash of common sense? I am pessimist — the dissenters will likely be silenced somehow. The liberals just need to get sufficient new voters and they are set for full-on destruction of their own culture, which is presumably been the aim all along.