Free speech takes another hit in UK? Call for online Asbos in bid to tackle rise in anti-Semitism

Photo from a crowd of Muslims whining about cartoons, Feb 7, 2015. Source. They may soon get their way.

Twitter and Facebook users who persistently spread racial hatred online should be given ‘internet Asbos’ under proposals by MPs to tackle rising levels of anti-Semitism.

They called on the Crown Prosecution Service to examine whether prevention orders similar to those which can be used to restrict sex offenders’ online access could be applied to hate crimes.

It would mean that ‘determined’ perpetrators of anti-Semitism online could be blocked from sites such as Facebook and Twitter…

It won’t change people’s people an iota. I cannot understand people who think this is key to some kind of multicultural paradise. Furthermore, we know that once a precedent has been set, it will soon be extended to all sorts of other “hate speech.”