Batshit Crazy Part Deux – Reader Responses to the Abortion Experience – UPDATED!

batshit crazy

It appears that this story might just be real after all!

Reader Responses to the Abortion Experience:

“I must say that I am surprised by the response that I have gotten to posting my friend’s experience with her abortion. Certainly there were bound to be some negative reactions, but what has been filling my inbox has surpassed what I imagined.

I support my friend in her decision, and I can understand that some people will find fault with it.”

So, it seems that this is her “friend” (I’m assuming that the blog owner has personal knowledge of the writer that she calls her ‘her friend’.)

Anyways, this “feminist” idiot is SHOCKED at the negative public reaction.

Remember, “Feminism” has never been about ‘equality’ but is instead a vehicle justifying the hatred and subjugation of men. Most normal people just call that misandry, and don’t try to wrap an entire political cause in it.


The Baby Killer responds!

However, the gender fascist b*tch that runs that blog now DEMANDS that you click the “Like” Facebook button, or the +1 through Google, or Retweet her garbage.

Can someone do ole D.B. a favor and screen/text rip the rest and post it in the comments?