Vox: Let’s be clear: The Obama Crusades controversy is over whether it’s okay to hate Muslims

Obama’s point was actually pretty simple. Let’s not pretend that Islam itself is to blame for ISIS or that Muslims are inherently more violent, he suggested, because the problem of religious violence is not exclusive to any one religion. In other words, don’t oversimplify the problem of ISIS to “Muslims are different from the rest of us.”

This point is so banal it could be an after-school special. That it has provoked national controversy goes to show that there is still a mainstream thread of thought in America that Islam is an inherently violent religion, that the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims are somehow different, and that non-Muslims are superior human beings…

Still attempting to deny “Islam is an inherently violent religion”? Of course it is. Any idiot can see that. Muslims themselves obviously vary and frankly, I doubt that any religion could make an otherwise peaceful person into an ISIS supporter.

But there are plenty of non-peaceful people everywhere (including our own society) and the last thing we need is this poisonous ideology for them to latch on to. Notice the violent nutcase converts it attracts?  Why is it so popular in prisons?

The writer is trying to say it all racism or something all those lines. This is simply not true. If it was strictly racism, them you would see Hinduphobes and Buddhaphobes, etc. But you don’t see them. Why?  

Note: CAIR recommended this article in their daily newsletter.  CAIR is not part of the solution: Islam desperately needs to change and CAIR is not interested in that.