Turkish deputy PM to non-supporters: We know you hate us, please be polite

Erdogan at his new White Palace (Ak Saray)

Deputy Prime Minister Bülent Arınç has said although the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) receives 50 percent of the votes at the polls, the rest of society, who did not vote for them, look on them with hate.

“We receive 50 percent of the votes, but it turns into hate speech from the rest of the 50 percent,” said Arınç, speaking to private broadcaster CNN Türk on Feb. 7. “When we used to go out on the streets, our supporters would love us very much and our opponents would respect us. Now I detect looks filled with hatred,” he said…

…Arınç said a cat would claw someone who comes upon itself too much, an example he gave to explain the need to use a soft language in the country’s daily politics…

The deputy PM even argues that his side needed to watch their rhetoric too.  Somehow, I suspect this will end up with only one side being forced to rein in their rhetoric.  Erdogan seems to becoming completely unhinged.  He wants to dominate the country like a dictator.  He has even proposed getting rid of the office of Prime Minister completely.

Before Erdogan’s power grab, the office of the president was largely ceremonial and power lay with Prime Minister and his party.  Now Erdogan has assumed the presidency himself and is trying to destroy any opposition whatsoever.   A parliamentary system is always susceptible to trouble-makers and people who might change their mind.  It seems pretty clear what he aiming for.

Slow motion coup?

And Islam lies behind it all — Erdogan and his party are Turkish versions of the Muslim Brotherhood.

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Alexis are a heterodox sect more close to Shi’ism than the brand of Sunni Islam that Erdogan is promoting.