The Greatest Science Scandal Ever?


This instead should be the fate of David Suzuki and Al Gore

Likely this is the greatest, and most damaging scientific and financial fraud we will ever see in our lifetimes!

Yet nobody will ever do a day of jail time over it, which is a shame, because it was the “Lysenkoismof our day. I say “jail” intentionally because that’s what they wanted to do to us.

If this is not the biggest scientific fraud ever, it is certainly the costliest to the people of the first-world in both money, lost opportunities, and general freedoms. Remember, not so long ago, when it was argued that the “deniers” should be jailed? Who almost all just happened to be politically conservative? Climate denial was the pretext. The parallels between this made up hysteria and the Salem “Witch Trials” should escape no one. Both were oppression, fueled by economic opportunism, conducted  under the guise of a made up threat.

Thank you climate “scientists”!

Ya bunch of whores!