Ontario PCs need another Mike Harris

“Instead of running away from the legacy of former premier Mike Harris, the Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario should be running towards it.

What the PCs desperately need emerging from their ongoing leadership race — in which 40% of the field has already quit — is a leader like Harris with the conviction to lead and the focus to set clear goals and stick to them.

Ontario today is reeling from the effects of 12 years of tax-and-spend Liberal government, aided and abetted by the New Democrats when the Liberals were in a minority.


It won’t matter who the Ontario conservatives elect as leader. They simply cannot win an election. Not until Ontario is in absolute fiscal ruin at any rate and by then it will be too late for them to do much good for anyone who remains a resident of this province.

The Liberals were elected by Ontario’s Public Service Unions. They will be kept in power by Ontario’s Public Service Unions so long as Wynne allows them to rape the tax payer. Welcome to the new class war.

With over 1.2 Million union members on the government teat plus their families there is no way for a conservative party to be elected, the unions are far too formidable a voting bloc.

No one that campaigns promising the sort of fiscal resuscitation Ontario needs will ever win. Look at how the NDP, the unions traditional home, was punished last election because Horwath had a few moments of fiscal clarity.

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with a well placed member of a Conservative Party Leadership contender’s team. I asked about the conservative’s chances of beating the unions at the ballot box.

She replied that her Man got along just swell with the Unions. That pretty much ended the conversation.

Ontario’s days as Canada’s economic engine are past.

Your future is elsewhere.