Muslim Dad Of The Year Beat Wife & Daughters For Refusing To Wear The Veil

NB Google Translate: “That is my choice. But the veil, it was him. It has imposed to me, I did not have my say with him, “she says to the president. Then it’s her daughter just 18 years old, which says: “He told me if I did not wear the veil, I could not come to see my mother,” says the girl with long curly hair, flattering pants and jacket. “He did not want me to put jeans, I had to get dressed with loose clothing. This lasted for years. “His mother lived with Abdessamad more or less delivery driver for five years. The couple had two children. December 28, anger took because the little 5 year did not quite learned his Arabic lessons. “He we sat side by side, says mother and he hit us with a ladle. “The ladle was broken, he took the broom … and continued.

Well maybe they needed the veil to take Canada’s citizenship oath.