Daniel Greenfield: “Low IQ” is the New Muslim Terrorist Defense

In his defence Henry Blaxland QC said the jihadi ‘poster boy’ had a low IQ – the lowest 12% of the population.

Imran Khawaja likes severed kuffar heads, may be a retard. Or possibly just a victim of the English education system

The UK IQ average is 100. Henry doesn’t specify his client’s IQ, but it’s probably in the low 80s. But that doesn’t mean much since a number of Muslim countrieshave average IQ scores around that.

Assuming that our friend here is Pakistani, the IQ average there is 84. Even if he scored an 81, he’s not that much of an outlier. (I’ve seen a claim that  the Pakistani UK IQ average is 86 (specifically 85.62.) Not sure if it’s a valid source.)

…If having an IQ in the 80s is exculpatory, then how do you convict a Pakistani terrorist of anything?