Canadian Army loses 3 Excalibur precision guided artillery shells worth $513,000

Known as Excalibur rounds, the 155-millimetre high-explosive ammunition could not be accounted for among the mission close-out paperwork as the military withdrew from Kandahar in late 2011.

The shells are not cheap. They come with a price tag of US $177,224 per round, but are accurate to within 20 metres even when fired from up to 40 kilometres away.

“Although theft is a possibility, given physical size and weight of the ammunition and the tight ammunition security measures that were in place in theatre, theft is highly unlikely,” said a July 18, 2014 briefing to the country’s joint operations commander.

The round weighs 48 kilograms and has metal fins that guide it to the target, making it awkward to handle.

Oh I dunno, I’m sure they didn’t just walk away of their own…