UK: Students Eat On Floor After Islamic School’s Public Money Sent To Pakistan

An Islamic school whose public funds were allegedly sent to Pakistan has run up debts of almost £3 million, it has emerged.

Pupils at the troubled Al-Hijrah School in Birmingham were forced to eat their meals on the floor after the school failed to provide basic facilities, appoint enough teachers or introduce a new national curriculum.

It was alleged last year that public funding earmarked for dining tables and chairs was instead sent to Pakistan.

The school was placed in special measures last May, when it was branded “inadequate” in a damning Ofsted report.

A month later, the whole governing body was sacked after financial troubles, including a £600,000 budget deficit from the last financial year, were revealed and a new interim board took over.

Birmingham City Council is investigating claims that the trust might have used public money to help fund a £1 million boys-only school 5,000 miles away in Pakistan.