Op-ed, Copenhagen Post: Anti-Islam is not the answer for terrorism

Author Zach Khadudu is a Kenyan by birth and a journalist by choice. He is a commentator and an activist with a passion for refugee and human rights.

“Je suis Charlie” was the rallying cry that resonated across the world after the unfortunate terror incident in France.

Even Bibi (Netanyahu) with his appalling human rights record was arm-in-arm with the rest of the world leaders to stand up for freedom of expression.

Maria Le Pen, the Pia K of France, saw an opportune time to push her anti-Muslim, anti-foreigner agenda.

In German, the anti-Muslim PEGIDA demonstrators gained renewed strength. Calls by Angela Merkel did little to deter thousands of people from attending their marches. In Denmark, spontaneous and organised demonstrators also took to the street to pour blanket blame on Islam and Muslims. In Belgium, which like Denmark, has a Muslim population of well over 5 percent, police raids on terror suspects ended in several fatalities including two policemen. Even in open-door Sweden, anti-Islam rhetoric gained momentum: mosques were attached and some injuries were reported…

…In the political arena, the tone is tough and extreme. Among the anti-Muslim movements in Germany and Denmark, it is clear-cut: get Islam out of Europe.

Yet what escapes most minds is the fact that Muslims are as much victims of terror as the rest of us. Muslims have been repeatedly asked to speak out and apologise for crimes they have nothing to do with. A whole community is constantly under fire to defend actions they are completely opposed to.

Fact is, as long as the tone remains combative and aggressive, there will be no solution…

Thanks a lot for the multicultural insanity, Western leaders. It now appears far too late to reverse it. Containment is the only option, but the elites — both left and right, with different motives — are determined for this wretched project to remain on schedule.