Links to alleged terror group opens more questions about Algonquin College Saudi Arabia campus

OTTAWA ─ With the Algonquin College community already on edge following revelations of an alleged homegrown terror network linked to a campus student group, faculty members have elevated concerns over a campus the school operates in a troubled region of Saudi Arabia.

The Algonquin Jazan College of Excellence opened its doors to male-only students in 2013 near the city of Jizan, in the southern tip of Saudi Arabia near the border of Yemen, an area the U.S. State Department describes as being rife with terror, and one experts deem among the most dangerous regions on the planet.


Can I continue my studies in Canada or other overseas university?

Students who complete their studies will have the opportunity to further their education in Canada by enrolling in Bachelor Degree program that are normally completed over an additional two years of full-time study at Algonquin College or at other universities in Canada. The Algonquin College Diploma is internationally recognized, so students are eligible to apply to further their studies at other colleges and universities around the world.


This should be called the Jizya campus.