Italy: ‘Informed immigration’ from Tunisia-Morocco with IPRIT

Tunisian immigrants waiting for their residence permit in Florence (photo accompanies the article)

Sponsoring informed and aware immigration, as well as an effective cooperation in managing flows with countries boasting over half a million migrants in Italy – including Tunisia and Morocco – is the main object of the IPRIT project (regular immigration routes in Italy).

The initiative is funded by the department of civil freedom and immigration of the interior ministry and implemented through the Idos research center in Rome, the Fondazione Mondo Digitale (FMD) and the Associazione Nazionale Oltre Frontiere (ANOLF).

The project vies to help Tunisians and Moroccans who want to move to Italy by training 25 operators in each country in the public and social sectors who will be able to help would-be immigrants, once they have been trained.

The project is in its second stage, which concerns Tunisia, Antonio Ricci of Idos told ANSAmed. There are currently 122,000 Tunisians residing in Italy.

Guides in Italian and French have been prepared to explain Italian immigration laws. Participants will also have an Arabic dictionary on terms related to immigration and a book explaining Italy’s social security system in relation to immigrants.

Also examined are the Italian-Tunisian social security convention and the agreement of “partnership on mobility” signed by Tunisia and the EU, which includes a clause of non-discrimination including many verdicts by Italian and European magistrates…

I have neither the time nor proficiency in Italian to research this further but it bears all the marks of an government elite-led project to encourage even more Muslims to move to Europe.  The leftists are doubling down — nothing must interfere with their program to Islamize Europe.