ISIS uses prostitution networks – Moroccan expert

150206Feature1Photo1-271_179Police escort a 20-year-old woman in Melilla last December during a combined Spanish-Moroccan sweep of Islamic State recruiters.

A Moroccan expert is warning against the growing threat of the Islamic State (ISIS) using women in terrorist operations.

In the last weeks of 2014, the Moroccan and Spanish security authorities dismantled a cell specialised in recruiting women and sending them to ISIS. The cell was based in Barcelona and had extensions in Ceuta, Melilla and Fnideq.

The cell, comprising four women residing in Barcelona, targeted young girls in Morocco and sent them to Fnideq where they were ideologically indoctrinated before being sent to Syria to engage in “jihad annikah”.

Several reports around the world have sounded the alarm about the rising numbers of women who join ISIS to engage in jihad annikah. The phenomenon, which started as women joined their husbands who were fighting in Syria, has evolved and now includes more and more unmarried girls…