Hungary must ‘shut its gates’ faced with surge in migrants – official

Picture source: Hungarian Islamic Community

(Reuters) – Hungary must ‘shut its gates’ to economic migrants, a top ally to Prime Minister Viktor Orban said on Friday, urging action to stem a dramatic surge in the number of Kosovars crossing ditches and walking through forests under cover of night to reach the European Union.

More than 15 years since it broke away from Serbia in war, Kosovo is witnessing a sudden surge in the number of its citizens smuggling themselves across Serbia’s border with Hungary to escape poverty and unemployment.

Some 30,000 have been caught by Hungarian border police and applied for asylum since September, compared to 6,000 for the whole of 2013.

The trend mirrors a similar surge in the number of Syrians, Kurds and others from further afield fleeing repression and war in the Middle East and Africa through the Balkans to the affluent states of Western Europe…

Good to see some pushback against the insane EU policies, but how successful will they be?