Canada’s “Captains Of Industry” Complain The Welfare Teat Isn’t Providing Them As Much Milk – Again

Behold Canada’s Valiant Captain’s of Industry in action as they fight for the Public Good!

The people who brought you The Temporary Foreign Workers Scandal are now complaning that the loss of the long form census has adversely affected their bottom line… er the Public Good.

Scrapping of long-form census causing long-term issues for business

A growing chorus of business groups and economists say the end of the long-form census is harming their decision-making and ability to make recommendations in areas such as where to offer services, locate stores and even determine in what professions to train students.


If you don’t know this stuff, it isn’t because of the loss of the long form census. It’s because you’re too lazy, too repelled by the expense of gathering the data by your own efforts or too stupid to survive in business without government aid. Pick one.

The only long term issue it’s causing is the loss of free data to aid their marketing efforts.

We really are a Banana Republic. Corporate Canada just can’t seem to survive without sucking on the public teat.