Australian jihadist in Syria calls locals to rise up, plot and kill

AN Australian jihadi fighting with Islamic State in Syria has ­become one of the top targets of intelligence agencies amid fears he is encouraging his local supporters to carry out terror strikes in Australia.

With authorities fearing a wave of Islamist-inspired terror attacks over coming months, the attention of police and intelligence agencies has turned to former Melbourne man Neil Prakash, now considered one of the most senior Australians on the Syrian battlefield.

Prakash, who fights with ­Islamic State under the nom de guerre Abu Khalid al-Cambodi, was a close associate of Mohamed Ali Baryalei, the Islamic State recruiter who authorities believe ­organised a plot to abduct and behead a member of the public in Sydney. Intelligence agencies are confident Baryalei is now dead, but they fear Prakash has “stepped into the void” left by the former nightclub doorman, who is believed to have been killed in the fighting around the Syrian city of Kobane last year.