WTF? Norway anti-begging law stopped after global fury

Norway’s government announced on Thursday that it was scrapping plans to penalize begging after the opposition Centre Party decided not to back the proposal following strong international criticism of the plans.

The country’s right-wing government was forced to withdraw the proposal to slap fines and jail terms of up to one year on beggars and those who help them when the opposition Centre Party withdrew its support, meaning the result of any vote on measures was likely to fall short of a majority in parliament.

‘The law would have allowed for the prosecution of anyone found guilty of “complicity” with beggars, including giving them transport, shelter, or supplies. The ruling coalition argued that the proposal targeted human traffickers and criminal gangs, but it provoked a storm of protest and accusations that the government wanted to make charity illegal.

“Punishing people helping beggars is not acceptable,” the Centre Party’s parliamentary leader Marit Arnstad told news agency NTB. “It cannot be a criminal offence to give people clothes, food and shelter”…

But the Roma make a career out of it!